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Animal Ethics Committee

(Established by the Rajasthan State Legislative Assembly and as per Sec. 2(F) of UGC Act 1956.) Promoted by : Global Health Research And Management Institute, Udaipur

S.No. Name Position in the Committee
1. Dr. Chandra Mathur Chairman
2. Dr. Girish P. Vyas Main Nominee by CPCSEA
3. Dr. Indermeet S. Anand Link Nominee
4. Dr. Chintan Doshi Member Secretary & Scientist of Animal House Facility
5. Dr. Indrajeet Singhvi Scientist from different biological Discipline
6. Dr. Sharad Arora Veterinarian
7. Dr. NadimChistey Scientist from different biological Discipline (Zoologist)
8. Dr. Surendra Singh Rajpurohit Socially Aware Nominee
Contact no. :0294-3010020-25