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List of Members of the Board of Management

(Constituted under Section 22 of the University Act)

Statutory Provision Designation Name Address Contact No. Date of Constitution
section 22(a) The Chairperson Shri Ashish Agrawal 4,Fatehpura,Udaipur 9672978015 05-05-2016
section 22(b) The President Dr. Chandra Mathur G-1,Jai Shree Krishna Residency,New Navratan Complex . Udaipur Rajasthan 9887760510 02-06-2016
section 22(c) Five Persons nominated by the Sponsoring body out of whom to shall be eminent educationists or specialist in disciplines specified in Schedule - II
1. Shri B.R. Agrawal
2. Shri Rahul Agrawal
3. Shri Sharad Kothari
4. Dr. B.D. Rai
5. Shri N.K. Khamesara
4,Fatehpura ,Udaipur
4,Fatehpura ,Udaipur
9,Bhupalpura ,Udaipur
Rahukul Complex,Subhash Nager, Udaipur
Navratna Complex, Udaipur
section 22(d) One Expert of Management or IT outside the University nominated by the Chairperson Shri Anupam Bansal B-15,M.I.ground, New Delhi-16 9971382266 15-05-2016
section 22(e) One Expert of Finance nominated by the Chairperson Shri O.P. Agrawal 426,2nd Floor, Panchratna Complex, Bedla Road, Udaipur 7665008115 15-05-2016
section 22(f) Commissioner College Education Ex-officio Member - - -
section 22(g) Two teachers nominated by the President
Dr. B.L.Somani
Dr. P.K. Bhatnagar
59-A,Sarva Ritu Vilas , Udaipur , Rajasthan
3 BHK Qtr.No. 01,PIMS Campus, Udaipur
9414239456 25-06-2016
section 18(3) Registrar(Member Secretary) Shri Devendra Jain 95,Charag Complex, Panerio ki Madri, Udaipur 9414167756 20-05-2016
Contact no. :0294-3010020-25