Board of Examination

S.No. Statutory Provision Name of person
1. President Dr. Indrajeet Singhvi
2. One Director marked by the President Dr. S. K. Gautam
3. Dean of any faculty Dr. Mohammed Abdul Salam
4. Two Principal/Directors other than Dean of faculty nominated by President 1. Dr. Rahul Garg
2. Mr. Vijay Singh Rawat
5. Two teachers other than Principal/Directors nominated by President 1. Mr. Jitendra Pujari
2. Dr. Vijay Baghel
6. Controller of Examination Dr. P. R. Somani

As per the provisions of University Ordinance of Examination duly approved by the Academic Council of the University, a Board of Examination consisting of following persons is hereby re-constituted for all related examination works.

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