Dr. Indrajeet Singhvi
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SAI TIRUPATI UNIVERSITY is the university for aspiring students who want to choose their career in the field of health care services and become doctor, nurses, physiotherapist, pharmacist in addition to provide quality higher education in conventional subjects. University is adopting the high quality teaching and evaluation methodologies that are followed by top universities in the world. My every endeavor for this university will be dedicated towards advancement of knowledge and educate our students in medical allied and conventional streams.
As Vice Chancellor, I am deeply committed to attracting a body of faculty and students dedicated to academic excellence, pedagogical sophistication, top-notch research, and service to society. In our mission to contribute to national development.
STU is the right place for medical students to learn fundamentals, acquire practical knowledge and excel in their career. We, the members of STU, are committed to ensure quality and discipline. We are sure that the students of STU will reach greater status with the rich learning experience they gain in our campus.

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