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Academic Council of the University
Composition of Academic Council (Amended as on 20.06.2020)

Pursuant to the statutory provisions of the Sai Tirupati University Statutes under Section 07.1, the Academic Council of the University is constituted as under:-

S.No. Statutory Provision Name of Person
1. President Dr. Indrajeet Singhvi
2. Pro-President Mr. Devendra Jain
3. Nominee of the sponsoring body Dr. P. K. Bhatnagar
4. The Finance Secretary of the sponsoring body
5. Deans of each of the faculties of University:-
Medical Science 1. Dr. Madhu Singhal
Nursing 2. Dr. M. U. Mansuri
Pharmacy 3. Dr. Rahul Garg
6. The Dean ,PG Council Dr. Khemchand Gupta
7. The Proctor of the University. --
8. Registrar (Member Secretary) Dr. Vijay Singh Panwar
9. Two Nominees of Chairperson 1. Dr. N.K Gupta
2. Dr. B.L Somani
10 One Faculty Member from each of the faculty:-
Medical Science 1. Dr. Rakesh Kushwaha
Nursing 2. Dr. Vijay Singh Ravat