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Global Health Research and Management Institute ( Promoter of Sai Tirupati University )

S.No. Faculty Faculty Name Topic Journal Volume Year
1. Pathology 1. Samanta M. Mangal.
2. N. Bhavani K.
3. Koteeswaran G.
4. Parmar P.C.
Skin adnexal tumour Tropical journal of pathology & Microbiology Trop J Path Micro 2018 4(2):195-200. Doi:10.17511/jopm. 2018.i2.14 January 2020
2. Pathology 1. Dr. Seemant Saini.
2. Dr. Matariswa Samanta.
3. Dr. D. R. Mathur.
4. Dr. Annapurna Mathur.
Neuroendocrine tumor – Rare case report Indian journal of Gynecology 1007/540944-018-0246-1 Volume/7:1-4 December 2019
3. Pathology 1. Dr. Samanta Matariswa.
2. Dr. Saini kumar Seemant.
3. Dr. Vyas Komi.
4. Dr. Mathur.
5. Dr. Mangal Nitesh
Need of histopathology in Routine Appendectomy Specimens Indian journal of Pathology: Research and Practice DOI: December 2019
4. Pathology 1. Dr.Anshita Dubey An audit of Lung Carcinoma at a tertiary referral centre International journal of Medical & Biomedical studies Volume – 4, Issue – 1, January – 2020, Page no. 37-39 January 2020
5. Biochemistry 1. Suman Jain.
2. Rajendra Kumar Samar.
3. Sonal Sigani.
Bichemical study of certain enzymes in dengue fever patients Asian Journal of Pharmaceutical and Clinical Research (AJPCR) E-ISSN:2455-3891 ,P-ISSN:0974-2441 January 2020
6. Biochemistry 1. Rajendra Kumar Samar.
2. Suman Jain.
3. Sonal Sigani.
Clinical studies to evaluate Peroxidative stress and antioxidant complement in liver cancer in Indian and hungariansubjects Asian Journal of Pharmaceutical and Clinical Research (AJPCR) E-ISSN:2455-3891, P-ISSN:0974-2441 January 2020
7. Biochemistry 1. Rajneesh Prajapat.
2. Suman Jain.
3. Manish K Vaishnav.
4. Sonal Sogani.
In Silico characterization Of surface glycoprotein [qhd43416] of severe acute respiratory syndrome-coronavirus 2 Chinese Journal of Medical Research (CJMR) ISSN (Online):2618-091XISSN(Print)2663-8053 May 2020
8. Biochemistry 1. Rajneesh Prajapat.
2. Suman Jain.
3. Sonal Sogani.
4. Manish K Vaishnav.
Research Methodology of Medical Science “In Silico Analysis of GDF 15 Using Gynecoinformatics” Research Methodology (Book) Awaited June 2020
9. Biochemistry 1. Manish K Vaishnav.
2. Suman Jain
3. Rajneesh Prajapat
Comparative study of lipid profile among smoker & non-smoker Research Methodology (Book) Awaited June 2020